Customized Designs

FAQs - Customized Designs

Q. What is the difference between Custom Size wallpaper and Custom Image wallpaper?

A. With custom image you can order wallpaper that features an image of your choice – one that you have uploaded. Custom size indicates that you wish to order a wallpaper from our collection in a size that we don’t typically offer.

Q. What formats of images do you accept?

A. All the possible formats (.jpg, .tif, .psd, .ai, .eps). Resolution should be minimum 300dpi

Q. What if I am not sure whether my image is of high quality and well-suited for printing a wallpaper?

A. You can send it to us at and we will do a free analysis. Regardless of its usability it will not be stored in our servers. Your privacy is important to us.

Q. Can I buy and use an image/photo/artwork from a stock photo website?

A. Yes you can. Please ensure the resolution is minimum 300dpi.

Q. Can I ask for additional touch-ups or enhancements for my images before they are printed? Do I need to pay for these alterations and enhancements?

A. We do offer image enhancement services. The charges depend on the nature of the requests. Please write to us at with your request.