Q. Can I install new wallpaper over an existing one?

A. We don’t recommend it, though people do sometimes install a new wallpaper over the old one. Taking off the old wallpaper is an easy process and the new wallpaper will stick smoother to a wall.

Q. The surface of my wall is not flat. Can I still put a wallpaper on it?

A. No. The wallpaper may not disguise the uneven surface. Worse, it might not stick properly. We suggest you call in a specialist. For any assistance,
call at +91 9820 4661 67.

Q. I got my walls painted recently. How long should I wait before installing a wallpaper?

A.Usually one has to wait around a week before installing wallpapers over freshly painted surface. We recommend following the instructions of the paint manufacturer.

Q. Can I install wallpaper in my bathroom or in any other area with high-moisture content?

A.With some precaution you can. Waterproof the walls and coat the wallpaper with water-based polyurethane to make it water resistant.

Q. Will the wallpaper leave a sticky residue on the wall after removal?

A. No. Wallskin products are not known to leave traces. However, in rare circumstances you might find some reside which can be easily wiped off with a damp sponge.

Q. Will my wall paint peel off or my walls get damaged when I remove the wallpaper?

A.This depends on the state and quality of the paint job. We believe Wallskin products do not affect the paint, but we shall not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. At worst, you might need a touch up job.

Q. Which is the right wallpaper for my room? Will the dark colour wallpaper make my room appear smaller?

A.The same aesthetics apply whether choosing a wallpaper shade or a paint shade. Lighter shades create an illusion of a larger space, darker shades bring more character to the space, sometimes seeming to have brought walls closer together.

Q. Is it wrong to use a large pattern in a small room, such as a bathroom?

A. The best thing about home decor is that there is no right and wrong. The best spaces are often those which defy conventions. Trust your imagination, we say!

Q. Should I use additional paste on the back of wallpaper?

A. No. The adhesives we use are strong enough to hold it together for long.

Q. Can I install the wallpaper on a dampened wall?

A. No. The surface needs to be smooth and dry.